A whole person approch to mental health using functional medicine and mind-body approaches that combine multiple fields of medicine and nutrition.

At our naturopathic clinics in Northshore Vancouver our goal is to bring the best of science and natural medicine to help patients with nervous system problems.

  • We use individualized Functiponal medicine testing and genetic considerations to personalize nutritional therapies and dietary interventions
  • We aim to understand and provide solutions for particular mind-body sensations, symptoms, and  physical experiences associated with the mood changes and vice-vers.
  • Next we incorporate Homeopathic medicine and energetic diagnosis based on Chinese medicine patterns  to arrive at the precise combination of treatments covering naturopathic life style modifications, herbal alternatives, physical treatments, acupuncture, and individualized natuopathic treatment protocols.
  • lastly, we provide therapy and counseling and when needed medications  through our referral network.

Basically we will leave no stone un-turned until we know exactly why you are experiencing the symptoms you have, and when we find the root causes then we to help you regain balanced mood and mental and neurological wellness using evidence-based medicine from the available natural therapies.

And why do we like to be prudent in our approch to naturopathic treatments of mental health and neurological disease?

  1. Because over the past decade there has been a wealth of growing evidence that some of the simplest physiological functions in the body can have profound influences on mental health. Inflammation, allergies, food intolerance, nutritional deficiency, toxic build up, genetic variations that influence neurotransmitter secretion and production, conditions influencing the immune system, and most recently changes in the bacteria of the large intestine, have been shown along emotional stress and trauma to be culprits in those experiencing mood disorder.
  2. The good news is, all the above physical causations are modifiable and emotional patterns malleable.
  3. The traditional ways of looking at mental disease is limited. One one hand counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and  awareness techniques, as a stand alone fail to produce a lasting cure in many cases. Associated Physiological changes and sensations need to be treated.
  4. On the other hand, the medical approach of neurotransmitter imbalance that fosters the single minded use of medications and antidepressants is doomed in the long run. Many individuals often have to switch between medications, experience side effects, and develop dependency. The single fact almost one out of every ten Canadian is taking an antidepressant in itself is a true testament to this limitation.

At our North Vancouver naturopathic clinic and West Vancouver naturopathic clinic our guiding philosophy is simple: there is a time and place for medications, but every prescription MUST include a plan and a timing for weaning the person from that medication.

Our goal is clear: treat mental health and neurological disease with scientific whole-body approaches. We integrate multiple fields of medicine, nutritional sciences, mental-health and community-based resources. By focusing on the individual’s unique genetic, biochemical and nutritional status, we develop individualized naturopathic treatment plans with better treatment outcomes.


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