IMH Naturopathic Clinic : Concussion, ADHD, and Mood Disorders

North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic

Our North Vancouver naturopathic clinic offers an integrative approach to diagnosis and medication free treatments for Concussion, ADHD, and mood disorders.


To see you achieve health naturally and thrive with freedom and happiness.


Naturopath North Vancouver

What is IMH? 

Call if I’M Happy, or Integrative Mental Health. At IMH North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic our philosophy is simple; your happiness is integral to healing. Conventional and advanced blood test and functional diagnose is a must when it comes to the treatment of mental health and neurological condition. Our evidenced based approach is tailored for the healing of the body, mind, and the heart.

North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic

Our clinic is excellence in integrating conventional naturopathic treatments of ADHD concussion, and mood disorders. Along with the use of diet, nutrition, and amino acids, we used Neurofeedback and PEMF. Our qEEG diagnosis of concussion, testing for ADHD is one of a kind. IMH Naturopathic clinic to Westcoast Integrative health. 

Naturopath North Vancouver?

At our North Vanco, ver Naturopathic Clinic we offer homeopathic treatment for anxiety, QEEG diagnosis and testing for concussion.  Our Northshore Naturopath Dr. Saeid Mushtagh is trained in Loreta Neurofeedback, classical homeopathic, and naturopathic medicine.  I MH Naturopathic clinic, and Northshore Naturopathic Clinic clinics offer services North Vancouver

First Consultation

Your first visit  is scheduled for 2 hrs.  It is an in depth look at your concerns, medical history, physical symptoms and mood patterns. The goal is to understand your  physical, emotional  and mental challenges and arrive at a clear diagnosis.

Follow Ups

Your first naturopathic follow up is to discuss the assessment results and treatment objectives. An integrative plan will be discussed in this visit.  Future follow-ups and referrals depend on your treatment ojectives and expectations.naturopth north vancouver

Refferal Network

At North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic we are proud and thankfull to our referral network of physical therapist and mental health experts. They are experts in their perspective fields and a key to your therapeutic success.

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“As a physician, I make a point to strive for excellence.” 

I chose to be a naturopathic doctor because to me modern medicine means focusing on health and not disease. It means integrating the best of proven drug-free treatments.

My Message

Naturopath is North Vancouver.  Naturopath in Vancouver or Naturopathic north Vancouver here.


I recognize that you are more than a physical body with symptoms. You are a dynamic person with emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. I am here to empower you on your path towards your best potential for a fulfilling life.
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An exuberant mental growth and a strong sense of justice mark the period of adolescence. The stress of family and biased social roles and inequalities makes for a challenging time. My goal is to help you thrive in your relationships with your self, family, and community of peers.
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There is no limit to a child’s potential for self-health.  In most cases, all a child might need is the removal of the obstacles that stand in their way of self-healing and growth.  Combined with parental encouragement and support.
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  • “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me at my darkest hour. Honestly I feel like I now have a good group of doctors and healers, that I trust, around me and I’m ready for the next chapter of my recovery. Thank you again for all your help. I am forever in your debt. “
    S. Rezaian -
  • “Saeid. You were the best Naturopathic Doctor that I have ever seen. I have seen four in my life in different locations but you were the best one for many reasons.”
    W. Hébert -
  • “I have referred everyone I know to you. I was and am still so grateful for your care and thoughtfulness to me and everyone else I know that goes to you and that list is extensive. You’ve helped us all and we hold you in the very highest regard”
    M. Melanson -
  • Find Naturopath in North Vancouver for concussion or Naturopathic Doctors in North Vancouver for ADHD.
    Looking for the best naturopath in Vancouver for anxiety or depression. Our Naturopathic doctors serve North Vancouver  ADHD and Concussion pateints.