At our naturopathic clinic in North Vancouver, Neurofeedback training for ADHD and Concussion, guided by QEEG brain maps, is part of our comprehensive approach to treating attention and focus problems related to ADHD or concussion.   

Neurofeedback is a form of computer-assisted exercise for the brain that helps augment the brain activity to achieve remarkable improvements in symptoms of ADHD and Concussion, especially when used alongside naturopathic interventions. 


Basic Physiology

One of the most exciting developments in contemporary neuroscience is the recognition that the human brain processes information via different brain circuits or loops. The collection of circuits working together is called a brain network. Focus, for example, is the result of interactions or communication between and among different brain nodes distributed throughout the brain. That is, when performing a particular task, just one isolated brain area is not working alone.

Clinical Observations

A good number of patients with ADHD show similar abnormalities with the electrical activity of those with Post Concussive Syndrome.  Over 80 percent of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) heal spontaneously without medical intervention. 

But all too often, the sudden impact and severity of a concussion can rattle the brain, causing long-term problems affecting the motor system as well as cognitive skills.

But some 20 percent will continue to experience difficulty with executive functions, attention, and multi tasking.

Functional Diagnosis and Treatment

QEEG is the analysis of the spontaneous electrical activity of the brain or brain waves, recorded from multiple electrode sites on the surface of the scalp over a period. The process is also called brain-mapping.

Using LORETA—software approved for academic research, a QEEG allows us an unprecedented look into the brain-wave patterns, to pinpoint the specific regions of abnormal electrical patterns within each network.

Once these areas are mapped, the rest is a simple exercise for the brain that will reduce or increase the brain activity in the identified regions and networks of the brain. Symptoms of ADHD and Concussion, often especially when used alongside naturopathic interventions. Improve in as little as 10 training sessions.