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Initial Consult  $260/2hr  Homeopathic Intake + Naturopathic Assessment + MAX Pulse HRV Test + One In House Laboratory + Discussion of plan. (Dose not Include QEEG or Diet Consult)
Subsequent visits  $95/30 Min.   or  per Plan
IV Therapy/Chelation   $75-$135. Please call (604) 986-7774, North Shore Naturopathic Clinic for fee schedule.
Bowen Therapy/Acupuncture  $85.00 or per Plan
QEEG Consult/Brain Map  $650 Initial consult or per Plan


Fees Calculated in accordance with CAND recommended guidelines plus additional clinic overhead costs.
NOTE: Canadian Employee Insurance Plans and Employee Assisted Plans, generally cover enough for first two to three visits.



Integrative plans are a sure approch, with highest rate of response!

Plus our Vancouver referral network is a source of success in our treatments!