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Plan One

New Patients

6 month treatment plan.


An affordable plan that includes out-sourced condition specific functional and genetic tests up to 190$, plus 5 follow-up consultations  treatments.

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Plan Two

Plan One +

9 month treatment plan.


This is “PLAN ONE” plus a “TREATMENT PACKAGE” depending on the condition. The plan is designed for individuals with a neurological, mental health, or autoimmune condition, who are either taking medication and looking for the alternative and complementary approaches.

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PLan Three

Pre and Post Birth

12 month prevention plan


A preventative plan for expecting mothers. Those at risk of post postpartum depression, family history of autism, and autoimmune disease. The plan includes initial visit, three followup consultations and one functional test. Nutritional and therapeutic will be provided. And risk reduction strategies for infants conditions like autism, ADHD, and autoimmune disease will be provided.

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Counselling and Therapy

Individualized Packages


This package combines 6 individual counseling sessions with one group treatment chosen from areas of art therapy, gestalt therapy, life style workshops. Each package is designed with the individual in mind.

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Mindfullness Meditaiton

Group Training

$ 450/27 hr work shops

This is a series of 8-2.5 hr work shop in the area of mind-body wellness which includes lectures, relevant research, a review mental/neurological wellness, and mindfulness techniques and practices to improve your general mental health.

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6 Treatments


There is generally a response to Bowen therapy in 4-6 treatments. The 6 treatment plan is developed to ensure a comprehensive approch to treatment. Some condition, for example chronic migraines may require ongoing treatment for as long as 9 months.

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Education Plan


Depends on attendance

A perfect way to improve your organization’s  productivity and reduce work related stress. Dr. Saeid’s 2 hr educational work shops will help your employees with stress management techniques, and the educational components to appreciate the basics of diet and nutrients and stress management.

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Condition Specific

Functional tests for saliva, blood, urine, or stool to assess nutritional status, physiological function, mineral deficiencies, toxic exposure, food allergies, environmental sensitivities, neurotransmitter levels, and genetic predispositions.

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We require a REFERRAL from a psychiatrist and a personal SPONSOR for patients with SCHIZOPHRENIA or DRUG ADDICTION.

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