North Vancouver Bowen Therapy

At our clinic in North, Vancouverr Bowen therapy is an integral part of dealing with trauma.

The Bowen moves are gentle and don’t involve any force. It seems they have a balancing effect on the stress responses of a person. They allow for holding patters of the muscles to release. The guarding that is usually the cause of tension improves after as little as six sessions.

Bowen therapy, named after the Australian creator and founder of this hands-on technique, Thomas Ambrose Bowen, is a gentle non-intrusive, whole person approach.  It works by activating the innate ability of the musculature and the spine to integrate, the result of which is the beginning of self-healing.

The Bowen technique is a bridge that allows us to cross over into that part of the science of healing that has not yet understood. The part that deals with how the brain and body coordinate the mass of information that allows the human thought to translate into movement, pain, and perception.

The technique is based on performing gentle moves over precise points of the body. The moves go on to prompt the body’s innate ability to relieve pain, restriction, and imbalance. Bowen is not deep tissue, or manipulations and forceful. The Bowen moves work much like a gentle signal.

Tendon, nerve, muscle junctions known as Golgi tendons; are challenged and released during the treatment which results in the integration of mind and body. Bowen Therapy North Vancouver

Bown and Golgi

Bowen Therapy anatomical focus areas

Imagine the last time you were injured. Must you have experience muscle guarding associated with your pain?

Muscle guarding is a natural consequence of any injury.  The area around the injury become tense to protect it from further injury. But when the tension lasts into chronic guarding and chronic pain.  All types of trauma and pain, physical or emotional guarding, respond to the technique.

Bowen therapy balances the physical tension in right and left the side of the body, influencing a profound change in the both hemisphere of the brain. In doing so it increases awareness. Thus often naturally eliminating the postural causes of chronic pain.

The beauty of the technique is that lead into positive changes that are sustainable in as little as 3 to 12 treatments. Bwen therapy north Vancouver.

From head and neck trauma to lumbar pain, painful and restricted small and large joints, any chronic pattern of pain and trauma responds to the careful application of this technique. Post-concussion pain, low back pain, neck pain, respiratory conditions, ADHD, anxiety, and migraines are among the most responsive to Bowen treatments.

Bowen therapy is widely used for sports injuries as well rugby and premiership football clubs in Australia. Not only do sportsmen report fewer injuries when treated regularly but they also notice enhanced performance.

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