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Naturopathic ADHD Treatment in Vancouver

At IMH we use psychological assessment tools, complete blood biochemistry testing,  and quantitative Electroencephalograms (qEEG), to diagnose ADHD and its subtypes.

Using qEEG brain mapping, along with the biochemical markers we can subtype the disorder based on its neurological and chemical markers. Our medication free ADHD treatments are guided by the most recent scientific understandings. Our Integration of mind and body therapies means a new hope for adults and children alike.

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ADHD facts

  • Undiagnosed adult ADHD is on the rise and a recent meta-analysis documented a significant statistical association between mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Conventional treatments, including prescription stimulants and amphetamines such as Ritalin and Dexedrine, have many side effects. Meanwhile, the prevalence of ADHD has increased by over 40% in the past decade with 7% children and adults now being diagnosed!
  • Emotional dysregulation is often the hallmark of ADHD
  • Diagnosis of ADHD is associated with four distinct patterns of electrical activity over the attention networks of the brain that are identifiable with qEEG.
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ADHD Symptoms

The symptoms of ADHD generally fall into three cateogories:

  1. Inattention: trouble paying attention or feeling easily distracted whe focusing on any one task.
  2. Hyperactivity: Children can feel squirmish and fidgety. Teens and adults often feel restless and fidgety. The trouble with reading or enjoying other quiet activities.
  3. Impulsivity: Acting based on emotional triggers before thinking.  Children may not be able to wait for their turn or to share. This makes it hard for them to play with other children. Teens and adults may make rash decisions that have a long-term impact on their lives.
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ADHD Treatment Starts with Proper Diagnosis and Testing


ADHD Testing

The symptoms of ADHD can be due to electronic or biochemical imbalances in the brain, due to genetic or environmental factors.

  • Blood Tests: the majority of individuals suffering from an attention problem suffer from nutritional deficiencies such as simple omega three fatty acids, and vitamin D, and often a clear evidence that there is a disturbance of essential minerals such as zinc and copper and access of environmental toxic heavy metals in some individuals with ADHD. These changes affect the immune stem and compromise the health of the good bacteria living in the Gut. For example, The gut bacteria make GABA, an amino acid which is often less in patients with ADHD.
  • Brain Mapping: quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) can identify the specific electronic patterns associated with ADHD.  The qEEG map can isolate the brain attention networks and assess them for function. This highly useful diagnostic tool determines the intervention and outcomes. 
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Child and Adult ADHD Treatment

QEEG is the analysis of the spontaneous electrical activity of the brain or brain waves, recorded from multiple electrode sites on the surface of the scalp over a period. The process is also called brain-mapping.  QEEG uses modern analytical software to compare the recordings with the reference values from healthy individuals with no history of concussion or known symptoms.

QEEG analysis gives us the ability to view the dynamic changes throughout the brain. Combined with a powerful program called LORETA neurofeedback training, QEEG can then be used to train and augment the brain activities to achieve remarkable improvements in symptoms of inattention and focus.   

Along with diet to correct the gastrointestinal causes of ADHD, the use of supplements to facilitate healing of the brain, we also use Bowen therapy to improve the physical restlessness that goes along with ADHD.

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I believe freedom, happiness, and contentment are possible.

As a physician I make a point to strive for excellence in my field and compassion in my daily life.

I chose to be a naturopathic doctor because I believe integrating the current medicine along with the natural treatments is essential for true mind-body medicine.

1. Qualifications

-Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine; Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), 2006

-Member of the Canadian Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (CSOM)

-Member of the World Association for Infant Mental Health(WAIMH)

-Member of the International Network of Integrative Mental Health (INIMH)

-Author; Hypoallergenic Diet, A Complete Guide to Food Sensitivity

-Advanced Training in Homeopathic Treatment of Mental Health and ADHD.

-Bowen Therapist.

-Neurofeedback and Biofeedback therapist

A little About Me

My career in mental health began in 1996 as a research student in the Center for Mental Health and Addiction. I continued with an internship at the Hospital for Sick Children assisting in genetics research for acquired mental disease. Growing up I dreamt of going for a walk in the wild and knowing the names of the medicinal plants and flowers. As a naturopathic student at CCNM that dream came true.  It was there that I became intrigued with homeopathic and orthomolecular medicine. They stand at polar opposites.  Both are indispensable treatments for any condition involving the nervous system. I love what I do and after ten years of practicing naturopathic medicine and integrative mind-body approaches, I look forward to helping my clients the best I can.

Dealing with ADHD can be devastating. Treatments require and Integrative Approach.


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