vidio game

ADHD, ADD and poor behavior is a common among young people who spend 3 or more hours playing video games.

Researcher at Center For Mental Health ( CAMH’s Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO) ) suggests that excessive technology use could increase your risk for mental health problems. According to the study “Tech is not really the problem, not having balance is.”

In fact, a recent study at Oxford University suggests that under one hour of game-playing is associated with being better adjusted.

I often tell the parents of kids who come to me for naturopathic advise on ADHD, ADD, and behavioral problems, that the most important thing is to give them plenty of hugs and have their kid spend time exploring the environment in a tactile context. Swimming, playing music, crafts, playing in the mud, or making sand castles, you name it. Then a little game and a little adrenaline is healthy for your child.