Multiple Sclerosis + Naturopathic Medicine

Multiple Sclerosis + Naturopathic Medicine

March 1, 2015

At our naturopathic clinics in North Vancouver and West Vancouver we are dedicated to helping individuals with Musltiple Sclerosis with naturopathic and integrative treatments. This means we use the latest from the scientific data, individualized functional testing to offer medication free approaches that supplement and at times remove the need for the medication. Our goal is increase remission and reduce the risk of symptoms from returning. Our Naturpathic treatments for MS are based on the the most recent research on autoimmune disease and its mind-body connection.

We believe our treatments are not only an integral part of approch to Multiple Sclerosis, but also a prudent one for every MS patient. Why?

  1. The incidence of the disease, especially in industrialized nations, has risen in the past 50 years to its present level.
  2. Conventional medicine generally views MS as being an incurable disease characterized by periods of decline and remission.
  3. There are marked nutritional changes in MS patients. For example there is a prevalence of vitamin D abnormalities.
  4. General inflammation is the hallmark of all MS patients
  5. Autoimmune conditions are complex in their physiology and are always correlated with the patient’s mood (with high rates of depression) and Gastrointestinal health.

Our Naturopathic Approach to Multiple Scelrosic is to address the underlying physiological changes and support the healing power of nature; the inherent ability of the individual to heal. We do not see the disease process as being incurable or one of inevitability. Rather one that demands an integrative and multidisciplinary approch.

What is important to understand is that the body has an immense capacity to heal, It is just that at times for that healing to come about the right environment needs to be provided. Our Naturopathic approaches to Multiple sclerosis are aimed to do exactly the same; address the pathology of the nervous system but also the physiology of the immune system, the digestive system and the energetics of mood and stress. With an integrative approch results are more often that not achievable in a short time.