Eating Disorder + Naturopathic Medicine

Eating Disorder + Naturopathic Medicine

January 10, 2013

At IMH Naturopathic Clinic in North Vancouver helping individuals with eating disorders to gain a new degree of freedom in their lives, is a source of joy to our hearts. 

So what are eating disorders and how do we treat them in our at our naturopathic clinic in North shore vancouver?


Anorexia nervosa, commonly referred to as anorexia, is a digestive, hormonal, and mental-emotional disorder that influences both the body and how one feels about it.  People with anorexia may believe that their body is much bigger than it actually is or simply have no appetite, while acknowledging their emaciated condition.  Some times false believe may creep into the condition. For example one individual may believe that the thinner a person the better he or she. At other times a chronic neurological illness such as MS or Parkinson’s may force the body into starvation.

Often those with anorexia address and manage their concerns by eating little or no food. There are many health issues that can stem from this since the body needs the nutrients in food to sustain proper natural function, let alone to thrive. As many as 10% of people living with anorexia die from health related issues due to their disorder or from a deep depression of the nervous system often due to suicide.

With bulimia nervosa, or bulimia, individuals the pendulum of control extends to the realm of overeating, called bingeing or binge eating, followed by purge of the food. Often those with bulimia are under the impression that they are bigger than they really are. It is often more difficult to notice someone with bulimia because they may not lose as a lot of weight. They also may just secretly binge and purge.

Binge-eating disorder is as much a mental disorder as they are hormonal and digestive disorders. They influences someone to eat a lot of food within a short period of time on a regular basis, taxing the digestive system, the neurotransmitters. Equally forcing the body to prolonged periods of starvation and fasting alters the brain and perception.  Often a feeling of reaction in the whole body associated with emotions of guilt or disgust after eating, or a natural feeling of distress and depression.

Binge eating may be a response to other underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, or stress. The distinction between bulimia and binge-eating is that with binge-eating there is no attempt to purge the food after eating. This disorder is occasionally referred to as “compulsive overeating”.

If you or someone you know are facing an eating disorder the best thing to do is to acknowledge the issue and get on a program that includes counseling, nutritional assistance, and support.

At his north Vancouver naturopathic clinic Dr. Mushtagh combines a functional approch with a focus on improving the gastrointestinal function, hormonal imbalances, removal of food allergens, IV amino acid, vitamin, and mineral therapy, and Orthomolecular doses of oral vitamins to alter the underlying chemical changes associated with eating disorders. This approch which corrects the inflammation of the digestive system and balances the gut-brain and hormonal pathways associated with emotional factors in the disease, is combined with the use of advanced prescribing of homeopathic medicine which is an integral naturopathic approch to eating disorders.